Has your health deteriorated in the last 3 years? Hasn't the cause been found yet?

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, reduced performance, poor concentration, difficulty finding words, fog in the brain, depressive moods, muscle weakness, loss of smell and taste, respiratory problems, hair loss, inexplicable headache, limb and muscle pain, loss of libido?

Are you not making any real progress in the treatment of a long-Covid illness or post-vac syndrome?

I would be happy to help you find answers to these questions and support you in regaining more health and lust for life.

The human being as a unity of body, mind and soul is the focus of my treatments. Health arises when these three components are intact and in a harmonious balance.

With the help of a special kinesiological test procedure (ART Autonomous Response Test according to Dr. Klinghardt), I have a biofeedback method at my disposal, which is very helpful for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Get to know me better on the following pages and get an idea of ​​my practice and my diagnostic and healing methods. If you have any questions, I am always at your disposal personally. Please call me!

My diagnosis and treatment spectrum:

Electromagnetic Blood Test, Autonomous Response Test according to Dr. Klinghardt (ART),

Body Therapy:
Foot Reflexology, Neural Therapy, Excretory Therapy / Detoxification, Infusion Therapy, Phytotherapy / Homeopathy / Spagyric, Vital Substance Therapy

Talk therapy, Mental Field Techniques according to Dr. Klinghardt (MFT), Psychokinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt (PK)