About me

Franz Planek

Franz Planek, born 1968 in Amberg

In 2009 I met Stefanie and Erik Munke, both naturopaths in Ludwigsburg and in 2011 Yashi Kunz, naturopath in Berlin. These teachers and companions, who have been important to me ever since, have inspired and excited me with their concept of Integral Healing. In this approach, the human being as a whole is perceived and treated as body, soul and spirit.

This approach is complemented and perfectly rounded off by the Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt® and its healing system with three interlocking diagnostic and therapeutic practices, the Autonomous Response Test according to Dr. Klinghardt® (ART), the Psychokinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt® (PK) as well as the Mental Field Techniques according to Dr. Klinghardt® (MFT).

As part of my many years of training as a naturopath and the subsequent years of further training, I learned the following diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in various training centers:

School for Foot Reflexology Therapy, Potsdam

  • Integral Foot Reflexology Therapy according to Yashi Kunz

Ardea Heilpraktikerschule, Dr. med. Petra Rommelfanger, Nuremberg

  • Neural therapy
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Iris diagnosis
  • Schüssler Salts
  • Face Diagnosis

Naturheilpraxis Stefanie and Erik Munke, Ludwigsburg and Heilpraxis Yashi Kunz, Berlin

  • Detoxification procedure
  • Diagnostic with the Electromagnetic Blood Test
  • Enzyme therapy with Horvi according to Yashi Kunz
  • Homeopathy, homeopathy wdith complex remedies and phytotherapy
  • Injection and infusion therapy with vitamins and minerals
  • meditation teacher

Zukunftswerkstatt Amberg, Klaus I. Wagner and Petra Fröhler-Wagner, Amberg

  • Integrative talk therapy

INK Institute for Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt

  • Autonomous Response Test (ART)
  • Psychokinesiology (PK)
  • Mental Field Techniques (MFT)

In addition, I regularly take part in advanced training courses and information events offered by the Association of German Heilpraktiker (BDH).

The advanced courses on meditation and self-healing processes with Yashi Kunz in Berlin and Chorin accompany me continuously, both professionally as well as personally and spiritually.