Talk therapy

Rogers talk therapy is a human-understanding and empathetic form of psychotherapy. The client seeking advice is led in the conversation to a felt self-knowledge.

The therapist empathizes with the client and thus perceives his utterances and the underlying unconscious feelings, beliefs and conflicts underlying the problem. During the conversation, the therapist gently and respectfully reflects the client's words with words. In this way the client acquires "self-awareness", i. he becomes aware of what is going on in him.

In this context, the growth potential inherent in each human being is revealed. The client is helped in all phases of life and in every age to his own individual personality development.

Thus, this form of interviewing is a valuable aid when it comes to clarifying meaningful questions or to accompany the process of letting go of familiar life stages and sections.

Despite the rather inconspicuous nature of this form of talk therapy is effective, because by the awareness of the client increases his willingness to change, because he feels deeply accepted and understood.