Electromagnetic blood test

The Electromagnetic Blood Test has been proven to be an effective diagnostic tool for more than forty years. A drop of blood is enough to perform this special test based on electromagnetic oscillations in a specialized laboratory.

With this method it is possible to examine all tissues, glands and organs of the body.

Even the finest functional disorders and cell membrane damage, which are clinically undetectable but already cause symptoms and discomfort, can be detected and treated in a targeted manner. Thus, this test complements conventional medical diagnostics and is also ideal for children and adolescents.

In addition to the physical examination for diseases and dysfunctions, toxic strains such as bacterial or viral pathogens and fungi are also identified.

If necessary, the test can be run on allergens that trigger allergies and intolerances as well as on parasites and environmental stress to determine the level of stress.

For the therapy necessary drugs are also determined with the blood test. The individual selection and dosage of herbal, homeopathic and spagyric remedies as well as special enzymes develop a high healing potential.

The results of the test are discussed in detail with the patient and are also associated with a nutritional recommendation. Targeted excretion / detoxification of the polluting substances can contribute significantly to the healing process.

Autonomous Response Test (ART)

The autonomous regulation test ART is an important part of neurobiology according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. It is an examination system that uses a kinesiological muscle test to reveal the underlying causes of physical and mental complaints or illnesses.

This type of testing uses the body as a bio-feedback measuring device.

In ART, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is used in its role as a mediator between all organs and cells in the body. Disturbances in the communication system of the ANS result in a disruption of our health.

Dr. Klinghardt divides the causes of diseases into 7 main factors:

  • Unresolved emotional conflicts
    drastic, unprocessed experiences, which often lie in the unmemorable time of our childhood and can later lead to post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Energetic blockages and disturbances
    Injuries, scars, teeth and mouth, piercings, tattoos, glasses, etc.
  • Food and environmental allergies
    Gluten, lactose, nuts, house dust, pollen, animal hair, etc.
  • Geopathic pollution and biophysical stress (electrosmog)
    disturbed sleeping place, workplace or seat in the car, etc.
  • toxin exposure
    Heavy metals (e.g. mercury from amalgam fillings, vaccinations), solvents, drug residues, hair dyes, petrochemicals, wood preservatives, biotoxins (toxins from bacteria, viruses, fungi), etc.
  • Deficiency states
    Proteins, fatty acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, oxygen, etc.
  • Structural component
    Tooth misalignments, vertebral and pelvic displacements, shortened fasciae, postural damage, etc.

The autonomous regulation test makes it possible to find out from all these factors the primary interference field that puts the most stress on the ANS.

This unique combination of the most modern findings from neurobiology with proven concepts from naturopathy and psychotherapy makes it possible to effectively deal with complex relationships in humans.

If the primary interference fields are recognized and treated, the body is usually put back in a position to recognize its "malfunctions" and to correct them self-regulatively.